Welcome to Your Branch: Collingwood #63

Things you should know about being a member of this Branch:

We are a SERVICE club! We are a private members club that is open to EVERY Canadian Citizen over 18. We focus on respect, charity and camaraderie. 

  1. Our Mission is to serve Veterans, which includes serving military and RCMP members and their families, to promote remembrance and to serve our communities and our country. Our Vision is to be the most highly respected Canadian Veteran and Community Service Organization.
  2. Campaigns, Remembrance Day events, Veteran’s Service Bureau support, Veteran and Military Appreciation events, support wounded and homeless veterans and  donations to military family support programs.
  3. Our second priority is to support our member’s local communities, focusing on children and youth and their families. Think of Youth Programs such as bursaries, public speaking, poster, poems and essay contests; soccer, Midget and Bantam entries OMHA; Ontario Minor Baseball Association;  Collingwood Soccer Leagues, Cadet Corps, individual families with special needs children.
  4. Our third priority is charitable works in  our local communities. Think of blood donor clinics, the General & Marine, the Fire Department; and we support the Beinn Gorm Highlanders Pipe Band.
  • We generate our funds from social events through ticket sales, room rentals (up to 300 people; 3 rooms), beverage and food sales and Nevada Tickets.
  • Stay in touch by picking up a first of the month DUFFLEBAG newsletter at the Branch  in the Member’s Lounge or by viewing it on this webpage.
  • We have lots of regularly scheduled and seasonal social activities.
  1. Weekly winter Darts leagues (3)
  2.  Meat Draws
  3.  Snooker
  4. Wednesday afternoon Bid Euchre.
  • Our Member’s Lounge and North Atlantic Room are open Mon – Thur. 11:00 am to 9:00pm Fri & Sat , 11:00am  to 1:00 am (closing hours are depended on events happening at the branch)  and our prices are the most reasonable in town. Say hello to our bar keepers, Cliff & Sue. Come often and your drink will be ready by the time you reach the bar! Sit at the BS table to join in the camaraderie (this is not CHEERS!) or start your own table, watch TV on one of our 6 HDTV, play games, or take time for quiet reflection. What do WE expect from EACH OTHER:
  • Your financial support of the events. (Your annual membership fee ONLY covers one month of the building overhead and a head tax to our Provincial and Dominion Organizations!)
  1. A small bit of your volunteer time. The basic expectation is 12 hours a year, with 2 hours of it in November in support of the Poppy campaign and Remembrance Day/ or in the museum.
  2. Attend at least 3 of our 10 monthly meetings (3rd Wednesday of the month September – June). Legion Uniforms are optional.
  3. Pick a social event and offer to set-up, to clean-up, or to work at.
  4. Work in the kitchen (Our Ladies Auxiliary frequently need strong arms or a wet hand!)
  5. Do building maintenance, house cleaning, SmartServ, busboy, garden.
  6. What do you like to do? What can you do? What are your abilities within your own limits? ASK, don’t wait TO BE ASKED!

What’s in it for you? 

  1. The opportunity to enjoy social gatherings, make new friends, entertain old friends, win some money, and have a drink if you wish
  2. Give back to your community and those in need,
  3. Demonstrate your respect for our military ,  past and present.

Our management and administration is lead by a 12 person annually elected executive council that meets on the first Tuesday of the month all year.

  1. We have standing committees:
    Membership, Museum, Poppy, Ways and Means, Sick and Visiting, Entertainment, Public Relations, Bar, Cadet Liaison, Youth Education, Sports, Memorial, Bursaries, Dufflebag Newsletter, Chaplin, Parade Marshal, Veteran’s Services. A current or past member of the executive leads each committee but we need at least three active members per committee. PICK ONE AND GET INVOLVED. Call a committee chair or the President at 705-445-3780